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What are you into these days?


I recently started learning about Ayurveda, a type of science of life that originated in India.

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest medical systems, but I’ve only been practicing the excising component and trying to understand my body type so far.

During the last lesson I took, I did a lymphatic massage and it was extremely painful in some areas 🙁

Made me realize how unhealthy I was…


Beat diabetes with Ayurveda- The New Indian Express


“What are you into these days?”  「最近何にハマってる?」



前回受けたレッスンではリンパマッサージをして、数箇所は涙が出そうに痛かったです ;(



「ちょこっとレッスン」の動画にもスッキリした姿で出られるかもしれない笑 がんばります。



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