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Volunteering with Pokémon Go


I’m starting too see lots of Pokémon Go players in Ehime (and Cops patrolling around town).

I haven’t downloaded it yet because I’m pretty sure I’ll stop working.

But! I found this volunteer using Pokémon Go for a good cause 🙂 Fantastic idea!

By the way, have you heard of a “Poke Han”?  It’s a smart phone holder, made from  a hanger, that allow you to rest your arms while playing Pokémon Go. lol.


Pokemon Go will be trialing a new egg hatching feature for some players |  GamesRadar+







心が温まります♪ 一石二鳥^^プレイヤーたちも犬たちも大喜び!


When This Animal Shelter Asked Pokémon Go Players To Walk Their Dogs, They  Didn't Expect This | Bored Panda


ちなみに、「一石二鳥」は英語でもあります♪ 「Killing two birds with one stone」です。





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