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Friday the 13th


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It was Friday the 13th yesterday, but nothing bad happened.

I’m usually superstitious but not too over the top. I remember a few of them, like spilling salt on the table is bad luck, breaking a mirror gives you 7 years of bad luck. Another one is to not open your umbrella indoors.





But here are some superstitions, that I didn’t know, believed on Friday the 13th:

○ Don’t cross your knife and fork at the dinner table .

○ Don’t serve 13 people (try 12 or 14) because many people believe one of them will die within the year.

○ Cover up mirrors in the presence of the sick or dying, because they may see Death itself.

creepy…   I wonder what kind of superstitions exist in Japan…?




○ フォークとナイフは食事のときに重ねない(マナーとしては普通か;)

○ その年に、13人の内の誰かが亡くなると信じられてるから、食卓では13人で食べないように

○ 病人の前にある鏡は隠しておく

ちょっとゾッとしますね;;  日本ではどんな迷信があるんだろう。。?




~Christmas and New Years notice~

J’s English will be closed from December 17th (thur) to January 11th (mon) for winter break. I will be back teaching on January 12th (tue).



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