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Vancouver ⑥


December 26 was boxing day.

I remember it being super super crowded with all things on sale a few years ago, but it wasn’t that bad.

I guess with age, I get less excited to shop for things lol

Tried shopping at the newly built mall in West Vancouver 🙂


Park Royal Shopping Centre


クリスマスの次の日からBoxing week という年末セールが一週間ほどあるので、買い物に行ってきました^^

記憶の中では毎年Boxing weekは買い物客で動けないほど混むのを覚えてるけど、そうでもなかった;



街に飾られてるオーナメントも一つ一つが大きくて、豪快です☆ 何でも派手に感じますw



Vancouver Christmas tree lighting will be aired on TV this year - Vancouver  Is Awesome How to Hang Christmas Lights | DIY



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