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Kimono photoshoot in the rain


A friend of mine is working incredibly hard to start her own Kimono upcycling business.

I was fortune enough to model for her! They’ve photographed me very beautifully ☆ 

It started to rain during photoshoot but that didn’t stop us from doing a fantastic job.

Come to think of it, I’ve had a number of photoshoots and commercials wearing traditional Japanese Kimonos.

And I must say… I look pretty good in them! They’re definitely a confidence booster!

P.S. My family sent me a picture of a thermometer in Vancouver…. 42 degrees??? That’s hotter than Japan!





インスタはコチラ →




雨がザーザー降って目に入ってもポージングをがんばる私を見てください 笑


着物のお仕事お待ちしております 笑


P.S. カナダの実家から送られてきた写真・・・なんと気温が42度!




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