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J’s English 12th Dinner Event

Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy another great dinner party!

This time I prepared a number of games so students at all levels could experience popular dinner table games☆

It was another successful event where we were able to enjoy dinner in almost all English!

We played slip it in, question me, celebrity, and great minds think alike 🙂

We were all having so much fun that I totally forgot to take a group photo >< My only regret of the night!!

Hopefully at the next event I won’t forget to take pictures…

Thanks all again for coming to enjoy the party !

第12回のJ’s Englishイベントは、生徒さんたちとのEnglish Dinnerでした☆





ただ1つだけ心残りが。。。ゲームに必死になってgroup photo撮るの忘れた;;;;次は必ず!!


Thank you so much^^


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