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It’s so good to have a parent home lol


So my mom’s been in Matsuyama for two weeks now.

I don’t like it and I like it at the same time lol

I feel like I’m going crazy sometimes when my mom talks soooo much. haha

But, it’s especially nice to have a clean house and cooked dinner when you get back from a busy day 🙂

I forget to appreciate my parents when they’re far away in Vancouver.

Thanks mom and dad!


P.S. I went to practice golfing and I’m improving!

P.P.S. I did a random survey for Starbucks and got a free coffee! YASS.

All the little things make me happy these days 🙂







お父さん、お母さんThank you☆


P.S. ゴルフ練習3回目でかなり上達してきた気がします!70ヤードを何回か真っすぐ飛ばせました^^

P.P.S. スターバックスのアンケートに協力したらトールサイズもらえました^^




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