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Can you overcome your fears?


Fear Factor is back!!

I used to watch this show every week when I was in high school!

In the newest episode, the contestants had to sit in a container filled with roaches. Yuk!

I’m terrified of frogs and geckos, so if I had to sit in a container full those….. I can’t do it.

I can’t even imagine doing it.

P.S. There was an episode where the contestants ate cod roe. It’s actually delicious if you eat it with rice :)


I love fear factor but I can not believe people actullay do that stuff!!! |  Childhood tv shows, Fear factor, Cartoon tv shows








P.S. この番組で一度、ゲテモノで「たらこ」が出ていて、食べるのに苦戦していた人たちもいました笑

やっぱり見慣れてないと抵抗があるんですね; 美味しいのに^^



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