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A mini sister trip to Onomichi!


I took my sister on a day trip to Onomichi, Hiroshima on Sunday.

We stopped by Kirosan Outlook to see the beautiful view of Shimanami Kaido and Seto Inland Sea.

On the way up to the outlook, we actually let out screams of joy because it was such a breathtaking sight.

Around noon, we headed towards Onomichi across Shimanami Kaido.

My sister is a big fan of cats so we walked up Neko no Hosomichi to take some pictures.

I was asked to take many pictures for my sister’s instagram, so I was pretty much a photographer for her lol

What a nice day we had ☆







車で頂上まで上っている途中、あまりの絶景に二人で「OH MY GOD!!!」と叫んでしまいました笑








次は沖縄に旅立っていったので have fun sis!!





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