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A common Christmas and New Years question☆


So, I get this question a lot from my students:

“How do you spend Christmas and New Years in Canada?”

Well, usually Christmas Eve is spent with friends or someone special, and Christmas day is almost always spent with family. (Not many people work on Christmas day!!!! I was shocked when I had to work the first Christmas after moving to Japan)

For New Years, I think the count down is a much more bigger event than New Years day itself.





朝はプレゼントを開けて、夜はクリスマスディナー^^(ほとんどの人がクリスマスは仕事がお休みなので、松山に来て25日も働かなきゃいけなかったのがプチカルチャーショックでした :p)

そして、お正月も日本と違って12月31日のカウントダウンだけ盛り上がって、みんなで”Happy New Year!!”と言うぐらいです^^





~Christmas and New Years notice~
J’s English will be closed from December 17th (thur) to January 11th (mon) for winter break. I will be back teaching on January 12th (tue).





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